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Sewing Operations


Sewing division is divided into three floors where 8 lines in Floor # 3 & 4 and 4 lines in Floor # 5.
Our 20 sewing lines are all equipped with Japanese JUKI & Brother branded machinery.
All machinery are risk free and carefully checked for the safety of the workers.
The facilities are under cooling system - which makes the working atmosphere comfortable for the workers.
Sewing Floor 1 Sewing Floor 2

Quality Control

Conduct process capability study of the Line by calculating C.V (Co-Efficient of variation) of hourly defect percentage.
Monitor quality performance of operators for continuous improvement and incentives to operators for their performance.
Supervise the cutting bundles numbering, size and serial for proper control in the sewing.
4. Review the production sample according to approval sample and shade.
Check machine cleanliness, needle condition and size, proper thread count and shade.
Conduct process inspection having idea from table inspection report and defect analysis, about the source of high ranking of defects.
Observe the trend of defects from the moving average of defects in the table inspection and take special care in those particular processes in the line,